Seven Amazing Animals Photos

Seven Amazing Animals Photos

We've collected some impressive animal photos that you probably never seen before.

1. "Follow The Leader"

Follow The Leader

It's just past 6AM, and it's -25° on our last day in Antarctica. With wind so strong it's difficult to walk and stay upright, I decide to lay flat on the frozen ground to watch Gentoo Penguins move from the water to their nests on Cuverville Island. As the strong winds whip up fine layers of ice and snow over the horizon, two lone penguins follow each other battling with Mother Nature in one of the harshest environments on the planet.

Photo and caption by Anthony P.

2. "Steam Bath"

Steam Bath

shepherd boy and animals

Photo and caption by kadir volkan tasdemir

Location: Güroymak, Bitlis, Turkey

3. "Swimming in a Light Shower"

Swimming in a Light Shower

As soon as the sun was out we were on the water, just as the vibrant community of Sea Lions that reside in Los Islotes wake up and go for a morning swim. During September, Sea Lion cubs are only a few months old and when the alpha male permits, they get close enough and play around with divers and snorkelers.

Photo and caption by Mario Chow

Location: Pichilnque, Baja California Sur, Mexico

4. "White Fox"

White Fox

An arctic fox in frozen willows.

Photo and caption by MANON MOULIS

Location: Churchill, Manitoba, Canada

5. "The Valley of many elements"

The Valley of many elements

A wild horse feeding in the Nubra valley of the Ladakh area. Nestled in the mighty Himalayan mountain range, this place has the rare distinction of having some beautiful snowcapped mountains, rivers, green & dry valleys…. and desert-type sand dunes all in one place.

Photo and caption by Vijay Aitha

6. "Majestic"


I captured this moment when this gorgeous feline arose from his slumber under a thorny acacia and stared off into the distance at something that caught his interest, with the golden light of the evening against his majestic face and mane.

Photo and caption by Zhayynn James

Location: Mto wa Mbu, Arusha, Tanzania

7. "So berry nice to meet you…"

So berry nice to meet you...

My poor and often inaccurate birding skills tell me this is a Northern Mockingbird. Caught this one having a feast on some berries. They must have been good as it let me get quite close!

Photo and caption by Melissa Nordan

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina, United States

Life is way more interesting and captivating than any movie and video game combined. Unique things are right there in front of our eyes, and sometimes we don't even notice them. Look a little closer, and you'll be overwhelmed by the diversity and perfection of the world.